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Exporting good old Bus for bus driver at Zambia

We got Used Bus Offer from bus driver in Zambia
His first contact was thru our website.
He heard Japan has many good conditioned used bus in automobile market.
and He expected to have one from japanese automobile market.

He lives in Malawi. Malawi located next of Zambia country.
and He worked at Bus company in Zambia. there is no bus route from Malawi to Zambia. so He always use his own vehicle to go job.

everyone hope waiting for Bus come
He think he want to start bus business from Malawi to Zambia.
and try to contact Princess Trading thru our website.

then, What is reason japanese car owner going to owned their vehicle? they also need vehicle for having their life. but that is not just reason, they also wants their Vehicle because of their Asset Value.

for most of japanese people, Their vehicle is Asset value for them.
so they tried to maintain their vehicle condition to be New.
make their vehicle condition best means making their Asset value higher and higher for them.

We have so many good conditioned used Buses in Japan market. but His budget was so small. We look for reasonable and good conditioned bus at minor auto auction house at local area of Japan. and finally We found one.

that Bus was located in Niigata, other side of Tokyo.
We move Bus to Tokyo from Niigata by bus transporter. and shipped it to mombasa port in Kenya. from there, He drive Bus to city of Zambia.

and first Malawi – Zambia Bus route has started!

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We can find Vehicle just fit to You.

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